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Sex on beach in Croatia

my sweet girl in action
The story behind this contri (which is true) is that this lovely young lady's fantasy is to be a PornStar. A mutual friend introduced us, and told her that I might be able to help her. We talked for a long time about how Hard it is to get a break in that business, and how you have to work your way up (and down as well). After showing her voy-zone, she decided that it would be the perfect venue to make her debut. Naturally since I was the one who showed it to her, I got to reap the benefits, even though I'm over twice her age, and no, before the Negs start, she's not too young (old enough to drink), I'm too old. Oh can you hear the miserable ones getting ready to be negative already, False, Bullshit, Not true, That's your wife, You made all this up! Asher got it right when he said the miserable ones want everyone to be as miserable as they are. Some folks don't believe it's true if it never happened to them, and it never will with their negative attitude. Look folks, it's like the Lottery, you can't win if you don't buy a ticket, and just because somebody else wins it, doesn't mean it's not real. Somebody gets the money because they bought the right ticket, same thing with this you might get lucky if you ask the right one, but you will get turned down a lot too. Well, the truth is I told her to go home and think about it, and if that's what she really wanted, that's what we would do. The next three days, she came over every afternoon and gave me numerous B/J's as we patiently shot image after image. We shot in the light in the window, we shot out at the pool, and she even blew me hanging upside down while our mutual friend practiced his camera skills. If you've never gotten head from an upside down woman, you should try it, it's incredible. Afterwards we sat and looked at images, picked out the best ones and then planned what we would shoot the next day. She picked out the ones for this post, yes the Popshot is faked, but we think it's funny as hell. We never got a really good pic of one, and it's not my fault because she swallowed the best ones. She likes to do that, and if you think I was going to disagree with her just to keep the critics happy then you're insane. Shot number 9 is what it would have looked like if we had saved all of them, consider it a parody. We were both laughing our Asses off at the time. Good comments are welcome and negative ones will be laughed at, about, and ridiculed. My email was last seen somewhere on the sand in Galveston, if you find it there's a reward.

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in the sunshine Hello All. We sent in a contri to VW about a month ago of Lucious in her new neon thong. We're finally getting around to sending the ones a little to risque for VW. These were in Miami Plage and we've got some daytime pics to send next. Enjoy!


Getting dressed. I enjoyed being in the woods, feeling the cool autumn breeze on my naked body. Only thing better would be a hot guy willing to join me or better yet a hot guy and girl! If I get a good score and lots of nice comments, then maybe my next post will show that:-)