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Nice Girl Spied In Beach Cabin

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Claire: Panties - All us girls have a ?knicker drawer? in our bedroom Anyway, it?s in this drawer that I keep my most intimate garments and I like to sort through them now and again because they bring back such sensual memories. For example, I have a bright red thong in there which was very slowly removed from my body a couple of weeks ago by the most friendly man you can imagine. He actually used it to clean himself afterwards, so I?ve never washed it since then! I also have knickers (sorry, panties!), which were bought as presents for me and I have a range of extra see-through ones which I occasionally wear when I?m feeling particularly naughty! Anyway, to get to the point, I was showing the latest man in my life my knicker drawer recently (before you ask, it was before we had a romp), and we decided to play around and take a few pics of me mainly naked, but with a pair of panties covering part of me. But, as you will see, they are not actually covering the part that they normally cover! Hell, it made us both ready for it! His favourite panties (knickers) were a very flimsy black lace pair and also a larger, aqua coloured pair. I hope you enjoy looking at the pics. Love to you all from Claire.

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I walk in boston Bonjour aux francais et aux autres ! Voici la deuxieme s rie de Sandy, avec le visage !!! Comme vous le voyez, elle aime ca ! J'attends vos commentaires les plus os s et vos demandes d' change de photos ! A bientôt L'heureux photographe


name... Butterfly i'm a girl who love to build further what i learned at home, be free in thoughts and do what i like. i'm rather submissive and discovered at an early age that i liked it. i love it to obey, to treated as dirt. Its also for the attention i get by doing the will from others. Come teache me more