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swallowing at the beach

Hello guy's!!!!
Hi everybody. These are various pics from the last couple years. They're a mix of clothed, see-thru, and full naked pics of me. For those that don't know me yet, I am a thirty(something) mother of two kids. I realize that I am older and heavier than the other contributors to this site, but my husband and I have a lot of fun sending in pics and communicating you all of you. My husband regularly has me go out in see thru clothes. We both get really turned on knowing that people can see my breasts as we shop, eat, or travel. Anyway, I will try to send all of you other pics if you leave your email. Hope you like...

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She loves herself Sexy Jodie - Hope you guys like piercings, cuz I may have a few. People always ask me if they hurt, and they really didn't, well... not for long anyway! HEHE Head up to RedClouds for my favorite contri ever!! Remember to look for my banner after you hit the site link above! Jodi


Smile for you... Here is part one of a shoot we did were I modeled the bikinis that I made to sell at an auction site. Of coarse there was no place to change, so I improvised. You will see that in the next set. Enjoy and don't forget to vote.