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Nude Beach - Finally the Pussy Shot

A married fuck buddy.
Hey voy-zone gang! Ally again, just saying hello. These pics might not be as good as my previous contribution, but hey, I'm just getting started. Geez, things have been so crazy lately. I'm tansferring jobs, and waiting for the new bar I'm going to be working at to open up. I can't wait. I talked to my new boss, and he is going to let me be really creative when it comes to mixing drinks. I'm a little worried though because I find it hard meeting new people here. I think I just need to be more social. Anyhow, with this much time on my hands, I can get creative with other things.

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Just one more Spread N Ready Here are some shots of the wife spread and ready to be fucked and a couple of shots of me pumping my load into her. Comments and votes will get her to let me post more of her so let her know what you think!!!


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