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Hello Everyone! This is part two of my self timer experiment. Thought I'd give being my own photographer a shot while showing off a very thoughtful gift of the sexiest red shoes I had ever seen that I received from an admirer. I've always had a thing for sexy shoes and this pair made me feel so sexy the minute I put them on. They feel like naughty ruby slippers! *LOL* I took these pictures while my husband was at work and am submitting them as a surprise for him. I can't wait for him to see what I was up to while he was away *wink*. If viewer response is good I'll make an attempt at some more daring shots for the voy-zone section. Thanks to everyone who has encouraged me to post. Your posts more than compensate for the mean posts! Huggage! P.S. Please smoke the e-mail addy! *wink*

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Should i post more Hi again from Brighton. I'm getting near the end of the shots I have that will pass on the free section, however there are loads more to come in Redclouds "opening" up to the camera. And if you see me around Brighton come and say hi, you never know it could lead to a pic shoot.


Nightie falling down... Lovely beauty, She was no weasel but then again who is? She was all woman and wouldn't be caught dead with some guy living with his mum. She loved to be powerfucked from behind. The dragonfly on her hip and sexy landing strip drove me wild.