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HOT FUCK #166 Nudist Beach Resort with a Babe

My preggo wife
While the Black Sea boys bitchslap each other over photoshoop-shooped pussies and who forgot to pay the monthly modelling fees/paysite rent, here's something pretty unusual for the WIS section these days - REAL voyeur photographs. ============================== Unfinished project time, too as I throw in some agonizing highlighted shots of the Great White Whale; that woman will one day meet my ambition and be beautifully captured; until then I give you, gentlemen voyeurs, the appreciation of my field reconnaissance shots and her stunning natural form as yet clearly defined. Tantalise, tantalise, Jimmy the Hoover says. =========================== Delve in, dear voyeurs - you won't find playboy-perfect photography, paysite-ready, punter-fleecing. Or one who cares. What you'll find is honest, gritty reality, from the clothing-optional beaches to your bleeding eyes.================== Moving moving images can be found June 20 in the erotic clips section for lovers of the situational and, in particular, lesbian trysts. A classic original. ================== Remember, praise the pros, but save your votes for the amateurs and your hate for the Sandfly. ==================== Dear FUQ, my admin stalker with the downvoting inclination and the bitterest porcine resentment of all Sandfly vernacular: I shall not mention you again save for this warning to all who have recognised your Sandfly obsession - beware those in positions of confidence who ooze duplicity and have access to your personal/financial details, gentlemen; you never know who you can mistrust. ================= Sandfly, but for how long? I was, I saw, I awe.

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Made for eating.... Hi everyone. We received mixed comments on the last contri, so here's something different. Had some fun fucking Robin on the weight bench in the basement. And, yes I could stand to use it the proper way a hell of a lot more. Hope some of you enjoy these more.


French ass I caught my Hubby in the garden just doing some general cleaning up. We have a new digital camera and he did'nt know I knew how to use it (he does now). Please post it on "What I saw" as I see very few men on it. Cheeky