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Part of the reason I haven't seen Tea much is that she has gotten out of control, and I know it started at my urging. When we first started talking online, she had only been with a handful of guys and really hadn't tried much of the stuff she'd fantasized about. She couldn't even admit half of it then, and the half she could made her blush to talk about it. The first time we met up, she did shock me though by how forward she was once she got going, especially when I started taking pics of her and showing her voy-zone and my site. Back then I was totally encouraging her to explore more, and I thought it was great that she and one of her best friends hooked up (because the girl is way hot, though shy). When she started telling me about meeting another guy online that she was going to fuck, that kind of put me off though (especially because she LOVES cum just about everywhere). When I went over to her house the weekend before last, I got to hear a rather fun round of confessions while she was a little bit tipsy and talkative. She was excited to show me this outfit and more aggressive than ever before about me showing off for me. Between an internet and cellphone, that girl is so sexually outgoing and connected that it intimidates me now, but as Tea loves to point out, I'm hardly much better!

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Wife's favorite bra This is my 25 year old wife, she fell asleep watching tv. She loves anal sex and we usually arrange for another guy, she loves to serve two men at one time. Send encouraging comments so that she can show more. Love hubby.


Carol on Vacation Well Hi this is my first, and I hope it makes it to you all.. Love all the pic's so I thought I would send one of me. I would love to here some feed back ladies.. Please don't give my E-MAIL Address.. thanks alot keep up the good work I love it..