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Nudes Walking On Beach BVR

Go topless day at the park
Hello Everyone! This is the second half of my favorite pictures from 2001. These were taken with Jim's Sony Mavica, and they were a lot more fun to take because he was the photographer. I've already thanked naturist and the folks who visit their site on a regular basis. Now it's time to pay tribute to the Ladies of naturist. First, Naughty Natasha...even before Jim and I met she and Boris were always forthcoming with advice mixed with humor. Her pictures inspired me and their advice gave me some "great" ideas. Nikki, the one and only original :)~ always does great shots and her candor and openeness have always given her an edge few can match. For picture quality and originality from non-pro's Sandy and Rose have set the standard. And for the more professional photos...none compare to English Wife. These are a few of the Ladies of voy-zone who allow the rest of us to untether ourselves from convention, and give ourselves license to "let it all hang out". Thanks to you and your photographers for your awesome contributions, time and again. To everyone who is brave enough to post at nudist....Brava, and to you gents...Bravo! Many kisses, and hope to meet some of you someday in person. Look for more from us after the New Year begins...until then feel free to surf my site....

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Boobs only ! When I get the urge, I satisfy it. I love fucking, and I like it even better when you're watching. I hope you enjoy these pictures with your whole body -- my whole body enjoyed having them taken. I know some pics are shaky -- my husband really shouldn't jack off when he's shooting me ;)


dressed to impress It was a nice Sunday afternoon and Ric, my friend and I had been out to the park & on the way back home we were stuck in heavy traffic. Ric was driving & we decided to have some fun while we were just sitting there. Ric could see us on the rearview mirror & decided to take these pics. Hope you like them.