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Nude Beach - Mature MMF Threesome on the Shore

Cam is my hero...
OTT continues to enjoy BBC. Sorry if our last submission was too short... we were just showing OTT in the sandwich position. (which she finds herself in once again) We met these guys at a nightclub OTT was feeling a little loose. Each time she came back from the ladies room there was another button gone from her top. The guys got the signal and they bumped and grind getting her hot on the dance floor for all too see. We were with a crew of 4 guys that passed her around. She invited 2 of them to join us for a session in our room. One of the guys had banged her out the week before... this contri shows pics from both sessions. hope everyone enjoys!

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just testing the water Those of you who are familiar with my past contris recognize the hallway. Something new here though. The neighbor across the hall moved out. Years ago she gave me a key to her apartment. I used it to take some shots in the vacant apartment and of me at the door from the apartment.


some pix of me Thanks again for all of you that replied to my previous contris. In my last contri I asked for some suggestions on future posts. This is the result. I have also got a new camera, so the quality is better! I really hope you like them and please, keep the messages coming.