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We are a married white couple who are members of an exclusive swingclub in the deep south titled "The Safari Club". We meet every two weeks at a hotel that is reserved totally by our group. The only members allowed are all white couples and single black men. The rules are simple, the white husbands can roam around the hotel and watch but can't touch. The white women can play with and service all the black men they desire. The black men must show absolute proof that they've been tested for STD's within a week of when we get together. You might think this is an oddity but if you don't make your reservations within 4 weeks, all the rooms are booked and you can't get in. In other words, there are alot of white girls who love these big black cocks. This first contri is my wife getting it from a muscle bound stallion with a 10 inch dick who made her cum 10 or 12 times. For those racist comments that I'm sure are headed our way, we all know that you're just upset because you know your wife or girlfriend also prefer to ride a black stallion rather than the little pony they have at home. We welcome all comments from people who are into this sort of thing.PDPMEM

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Things I play with My wife and I check you site daily and we felt that it was time we sent some in. These were taken at the pool in our apartment complex. She is 27 and has had four kids. We have a lot more we can send if you want. Please call there Pool. Thanks


Fun around the House We hope these assorted pictures meet with your approval. Ann is such a soft and sumptuous woman. She loves to be naked in the sun. She knows she's not skinny. If you don't like real women, don't look. Sexy is a state of mind. We hope you like the story too.