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Nude Beach - Hot Redhead Fucked

tettone al mare
Hey y'all.....I don't enter into the contests around here very much, but this contest was so much fun, I just couldn't resist! I had a blast dressing up in my man's suit! It was kinda big on me, so I'm not at all sure how sexy I actually looked in it, but I had a great time, just the same. I don't really know if this was what you were looking for with this contest, but I gave it my best shot. I hope you enjoy these pics as much as I enjoyed taking them. Ohhhhhh......also, I'm not sure what I was thinking when I thought I needed a cigar with this pic shoot, but I can tell you that it tasted soooo nasty....LOL! Until next time, wet kisses.........

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Love going on vacation. These were taken at a bar during Spring Break at Panama City Beach.If they see themselves on the web I hope they remember the guy on the frontrow with the camera. Who say what happens on Spring Break stays on SpringBreak? from


She' s waiting. Dear Crew, I have been a fan and member of Redclouds the last couple of years, finally talked my wife into submiting. This is her first time on the net so please be gentle. she is 51 yrs. young. Call her D for now. Pics were taken at Lake Tahoe this July. She's 5ft. 110lbs. Thanks,