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The naughty girl that I am, got drunk(AGAIN!) and hung out with my newest "party friends".Boozing it up a little....eating "brownies"....I think at one point there were Jell-O shots and well, as myfriends &fansknow, when I get drunk..ummm..I get REALLY horny. Lucky for me, one of the girls @ the party,hottie NakedNicole (another hottie Web girl), was alsopretty horny. Or at least she was in the giving moodthat night. ;) Who am I toget in the way of a sexy petite hot redheat who wants to have me???? it was greeaaaat! We started on the balcony of my friends house, chatting it up. Well, one conversation led to another, next thing I knew, we were in the living room and I was onthe bean bag ready to go! Like I said, Nicole was in the pitching mood, so I let the moment be. We didn't really plan on cameras being there, but I guess, luckily they were, right? LOL ;) The night was yummy and I loved every minute of it. Until my next adventure....bye all! *Kisses* and *Licks* to all! Stop by and drop me an email.I love naughty comments! ;)

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A winter in Provence Hello everyone we haven t contributed in some time. The wife thought it would be fun to take some pictures on our motorcylce, why not. We have enjoyed all the comments in the past so don t be shy she loves to hear from all. And by the way we are always looking for additional riders.


LAST HOLIDAY Here's our pic submission: Title: Cum filled wife Story: My wife really likes playing with herself after I've cum inside her. She likes the feel of the cum slowly dripping out of her cunt - it really makes her hot. Hope you like the pictures - let us know what you think.