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Newbie 18 Yr Old W/ Puffies - Hi guys/gals, in case you haven't been to ny sister site Copulation Station in awhile, I have a new couple to tell you about! A friend told me about this girl that wants to be a porn star. Turns out she's a very inexperienced 18 year old that has just recently been turned on to some great sex! I have two new mp4 sets up of her, one doing her BF and another of her giving the camera guy a blow job!! At that time, it was only her 3rd blowjob ever!! There now over 2 GIG of total video's of couples on site, that's why I call Copulation Station the Ultimate Couples Movie Site! Grab the wife/GF/Both and get ready for some fun! Hugz, Cherrie. PS...go easy on her with your comments, remember she's a rookie! Don't you just love those nipples???

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ShyNude 2 More of ShyNud I am recently divorced, mature 49 years young. Please let me know what you think of my body, I've worked so hard to keep in shape. I've recently discovered that I'm a "closet exhibitionist" and have no problem at all letting guys see my body (acually I'm excited about it!)(LOL!)


Red Sea march in red sea I decided to submit these because a female friend told me this sort of thing is very arousing. Is that so? Post my e-mail or not, I don't care. I've created some animated .GIF files of a nature appropriate to your site, would those be a problem to submit?