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Beach Banging - DP - Facial - Part 1

The story goes on part 2
This history began so - I have got acquainted with two charming girls, Î. and S. 20 and 21 years from birth. Girls were very nice, young and attractive as well as all girls at this age. They have passed examinations at university and marked this pleasant event in one of clubs of our city. There we also have got acquainted. They at once have liked me also I to tell the truth them strongly wanted to tempt. I began to operate cautiously, after several weeks of our acquaintance and pleasant dialogue of the girl already completely trusted me. In their relations I noticed strong tenderness to each other. I have invited them in the well-known bath where wanted to look at their naked bodies. It is necessary to tell that I very much liked these girls, their figures were in my style. There I have tempted them, I caressed them and they tired from hot air of a bath and the used vodka were gave me. It was extremely, it was not the greedy orgy, it was so gently, I caressed them only hands, was afraid of them to frighten, I touched their small breast, concerned hips, slided on gentle pussy. girls were on the verge of madness. For them these sensations were very new.... visit our site

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Kisses ~ Bree My sister-in-law had these taken when she was trying to get into modelling. Don't ask me how I got hold of them just enjoy seeing her stripping and fingeriing herself . Rachel always said her little sister was easy. Aisling, you are finally famous!


I hope you all enjoy! B;) We did a photoshoot in our kitchen over a year ago and posted some of them on VW, but there were quite a few that were never seen. Ohboy went through the file and compiled 10 photos that he thought could have made the original contri. Hope you like them.