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rich dust after the beach

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Hey guys, Well since my most sensitive spot happens to be somewhere I can't show on naturist, I figured I'd let you in on my other favorite spots.. First are my lips. I love being kissed passionately, sometimes soft kisses, and other times hard and deep. Moving past my lips, I love when a guy (a girl might be fun to try sometime) nibbles on my ear, down my neck, kissing and biting at my shoulders. I'd have to say that is my most sensitive area. I just get so turned on when someone kisses and bites at my neck.. Strong hands grabbing passionately at my breasts, pinching lightly until my nipples become aroused.. Hands moving down my stomach, across my back, moving slowly down to my butt, and kissing up and down the entire length of my legs, finally arriving at the destination referred to above... How does that sound to you? Hope you enjoy my pics.. *kisses*

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enjoy and good night Hi Gang, Well it has been a while since I posted some pics so I thought it was time for some more of my beautiful wife!! I call her sweetcheeks......but you tell me......Like to hear comments...!!!! P.S..I thought this might qualify for the see through competition...!!!


Mature lady Hello everyone. Here’s a few photos my husband took of me while I gave him a lap dance the other night. We went out for drinks and to a club so I could buy my husband a lap dance, but no one would dance for us. So we went home and I did my own lap dance for him.