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Jordan B: Just A Pretty Little Thing - Hi there voy-zone! Sorry for taking a while to post again. I have been busy lately dealing with some crazy ass DRAMA!!! Lame people with nothing better to do then talk shit and make my life difficult. There is just no pleasing some people. Ok, no more bitching and moaning, promise! I wanted to show you a new set I put together with my friend. I had seen a few girls on here use some cool looking solid color backgrounds, and I really liked some I saw using the color light blue, and so with the help of my very wonderful and amazing friend Jason, he painted a blue background and we took these pictures. He says he loves them and says I look like a 1960's Ivory Soap ad or like the older Playmate pictures. All I know is I think they are pretty! I hope you do too! Let me know if you enjoy these. Remember you can send me a message through my site or comment here. Oh oh oh, please please (with sugar on top!) tell me any ideas you would like to see me try and do! Hotter the better! Jason says he'll only help me if they are good ideas! <3 J

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allways wet We like to get naughty... take pictures and send them to each other, take pictures of each other, and then dare ourselves to go up a notch. In this case, it means submitting our naked pictures. We decided it would be more thrilling to not blur the faces and with nice comments will do more. Make us blush!


her athletic frame richa is my friend's wife and is too shy. but he took her pictures one day and we told her that now thousand of people around world will see you. plz leave nice comments. and tell how sexy she looks. we are also in picture swap.