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Nc Kat At Uncc - With my 5000th post on the RCBB comming up soon, I felt that I needed to do something a little bit we went to a nearby college, The University of North Carolina at Charlotte to do a few shots on the parking is one of our first outside public shoots so I was still a little nervous and did not want to push it too much the first time, but I had such a blast, I can not wait to get a little more daring the next time. On the way out of campus with just my shirt and panties on, I had E pull over so I could roll down the window and ask some guys for directions...seeing the camera and me in my panties, they asked what was up, we told them we were looking for some good "sights" to take some pics for a web site we belong to...and let them read the shirt up close, complete with nipple rings poking, they said they would definately check it out. Next time I am definately going to get some pics with some of the students we find walking around...I can't wait!!!

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Dale at age 19 Greetings everyone at voyeurweb. My lover and I took a trip to Rome for a vacation. I've noticed all Italian girls wearing conservative outfit and this has made me more noticeable to Italian guys. A couple of guys saw me flashing in Colosseum but they didn't seem to mind. Love,


Good morning to all!! ;) Kate & crew, Heres Raiches latest. She could not believe all the great comments on the BB from her last post. She is really enjoying the sessions now and so am I. Looking forward to more responses from her fans. Kate, I am having trouble getting her to do a WFI...any suggestions?