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Naked on the beach in Holland

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We just finished painting our white bedroom walls to a romantic burnt red texture and hubby wanted to take pictures of it since it turned out so well. But, when I saw him get the camera out I told him to hang on...I've got an idea. ;) I think this wall just begs to have a naked body in front of it! And if it could talk... I wonder what it would say... hmm. Pic Captions: #1: I really wasn't a bad girl today, I'm just taking a good look at hubby's painting job #5 "V" for naturist ;) Would you like to be the wall in this shot? #6 This is the reaction I have when I read some of your comments...I just can't believe some of the things you say! #9 Kisses everyone

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The wife's first contri I sent in ten photos a few days ago for the sexy rear theme. I obeyed the rules and sent in all rear shots. And then I looked at some other submissions and saw that other contributors had put in other shots as well. So here are some more photos of me, from rather more points of the compass.


i'm in heaven Hi All... On one of our adventures in the Mountains we stumbled across this abandoned house. What a great place to take pics we thought. These are just some boob shots so don't expect any bush (except the one I'm standing behind).