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A day at the beach - jerking off in the woods!

Multiple Girls check
Hey everyone! Some more from Alanna and me...she has been pretty busy since you all last saw her....she has started dancing part time and is totally loving it! I am going tomorrow to see her dance....I can't wait...though I can't help feel like I helped lead her down this path! Its all my fault!! lol... She is still dating that girl that was dating her brother (I still can't believe she did that!!! I guess he is cool with it or doesn't care....I dunno) In fact the girl (her name is Jeanne) was at the when you see Alanna making eyes slightly off camera...its that girl she is flirting with...its pretty hot watching them go at it. I am working on Jeanne though...wish me luck!

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tug and bite Hi all at RC, This was then end of a nice evening of picture taking. We did the workout set which lead to the spread set that had to lead to these. STG always gets aroused reading the comments, so please take a minute to leave one. She reads them all, busy as she is. Enjoy!


Muahhhhhhhhhhh xx I got this lingerie and just wanted to show it off. I KNOW you all just want to see boobs and muff and I promise to show! Just be patient and wait for the nasty stuff. I hope looking at this makes you hot, I know it did for me :)