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straws delicious my wife on the beach

very nice milf
Well, this series has gotten some great comments.Thanks so much. Still have a few more sets to send in... My fellow CBB'ers have also noticed that not a hell of a lot of work gets done in Paige's I have lot's of resumes on my desk... If any of you have any other role-playing requests such as this, let me know and I'll see if I can put one together. I really have a lot of fun doing these. I have some pics over in nudistas well from my coffee break...wink.. So, back to work...oh by the way...would one of you strong,horny men like to pick up those loose papers off the floor for me while I bend over and file the rest away??hmmmmmmm?? Hugs*Paige

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She is sexy all time Kitten I sent in some photos of my wife last month. (Oct 17th, new photos of my wife). Thanks for all the good comments. Here are some pictures that did not make the first cut. Sorry about the blurred face, I have to protect her privacy as much as possible


Kis to everybody These are from a place called Lost Isle on the Delta in Northern California, You can only get there by boat and once the Mai Tai's start to kick in have plenty of film! If your ever in Nor Cal let me know, There's allways room on my boat!