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From a few weeks ago
HtWifey was in her white Nitie Sunday morning. Two of our friends of mine slept over as they were too tanked to drive home. HtWifey decided to wake one of them up by tickling him. He knew what was going on and just as she was about to tickle his ribs he grabbed her and started tickling her at the same time. To get her footing she straddled his waist and dug into his sides tickling him. Her pussy was getting more and more wet as they romped around. Her spread pussy was totally exposed under her Nitie to him as she had her knees wide apart on either side of him and her Nitie was riding up. She noticed when her Nities was up around her waist, so she jumped off and ran away, still laughing and breathless. He was left with a rock hard cock in his pants.

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Caryn#2 - Second try Ludivine And Her New Ww Bikini - Hi! Here i am, flashes in my new ww bikini, on the cost of Djerba! This summer was particulary hot, and i think a lot of locals men were happy to see me like that! Don't forget to check the updates on my website, and leave me a message on my bulletin board! Kisses from Ludi


sur les plages d'Antibes this year i spent my birthday in mykonos greece with a bottle of barbeito malvazia madeira from the year 1900. it was heavenly,just like greece. it was great food, nice beaches, fun dancing, old ruins, and friendly people. the summer's over, now back to teaching elementary school. have a good year