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Ummm fantasizing Pic 3
Some pictures of Kim for the 'Spread Lips' competition. Kim has the most amazing pliable lips. They are a whole textural experience. I happily eat her for hours and get the reward that she is multi-orgasmic, (she has had over 12 orgasms in a two hour cunni session). She loves it when I push my tongue into her pronounced pee-hole and she literally drips with juices when she has sex. Hope you appreciate her pussy as much as I do. Sorry about the blurring, but Kim has a high profile job in government so we can't show her face.. Wish we could show you how beautiful she is. And to those that will bad mouth her, you have never had any so you don't know what you are talking about - but you do make us laugh at your inadequacies. p.s. If you are going to leave a bad message, spell it correctly as it just makes you look even more stupid if you can't spell.

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My wife is very hot I've been to an old building and shooting some naked pics. I got so excited getting naked and jerking there at the window, because every second someone could have come towards the window and see me. What would happen if a sexy lady sees me? Tell me what you wanna do to me when you surprise me at that window.


kisses marie !!! Hi VW... I got an e-mail from a fan wanting to see me in a skirt. I guess he has skirt fetish and this was an easy one to fulfill. I have several skirts and I wear them often. I don't have a school girl costume but I wore this green skirt for him. Hope this one looks sexy to him.