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On my way out of the mall, Skyye offered to give me a ride from working a long day in Retail Hell. After some fun in her car, listening to her bands music, and taking some funny pictures, I ended up at her house because she was expecting some friends to come over. Apparently they were going to have some sort of pleasure party. I kept waiting for her to invite me because I've always wondered what happens at those things. We've all heard the stories haven't we? Skyye kept giving me a preview of what I would see if I were actually aloud to be there. Well I never did find out because when her friends showed up, I ended up walking home. But here is the show Skyye gave me. And thank you Skyye, it was certainly my pleasure.

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Total relaxation Hi everyone! We were driving along at the end of a long day and saw this little stream off the side of the road. With the big rocks and waterfalls it looked like a great place for some pictures. It was a HOT summer day, but that water was COLD!


Angel outside this is our first contribution. would love to hear the comments. if you think they are worthy,and she feels more comfortable we will expand on the lay out. please good comments so that i can get her to go along.