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A lucky man on the beach with two ebony nymphs

me, in the office
Hey Everybody, here's part two, Hi Asher, Hey Jerry, Yo Kate! To everyone who commented favorably on The Light in The Window, part one, Thank You for the kind words. To express my thanks, here's part two. For those who asked for more explicit work, perhaps this will satisfy your desires, without being too explicit for this contest. To Asher, who is confused, allow me to enlighten you. These women all wanted to share the experience of Flashes Naked, and being on display for the world to see, but they never would have done it, if I had not thought to have asked them. voy-zone gave me the wisdom to ask in the first place. As for Kate, he can rent a room from my neighbor across the street, but good luck figuring out when to watch, because most of the ladies just did it on a spur of the moment kind of thing when the mood struck them. None of them were paid for this with anything other than copies of some of the best images, for most of them it's the only nudes they've ever done. My next contri will be to voy-zone, and it's going to be some of the women from these two contris shows off with my best friend, he's a cute little guy, and I'm very attached to him. (LOL) I'll post the story there of how being a member of voy-zone got me blowjobs, from some of the most beautiful women I've ever had the pleasure to meet, just so I could post their pics there. Look for a contri called Just Ask Nice! In the meantime, favorable comments with an email might get the poster an nudistrated pic reply if you ask nice, negative comments as usual will get nothing. As for my email, it was last seen on the side of a tractor at Kates server farm. The very lowkey, Lowkey P.S. The last contri had seven different women in it, any guesses as to how many are on this one?

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Showing off the tan lines. Thanks for all the great comments. They are a turn-on. Love hearing what pictures you like best and why. Also like suggestions on what you would like to see. Do have some making love pictures but they are mp4 stills and the quality of the pics are only fair.


cul de ma femme This is how we spent our Super Bowl Halftime. Nothing like shooting some photos of Kylie and then watching football while she rides me. Us being in the lifestyle, "Swingers", we are looking forward to posting more photos in Redclouds. Take care everyone!