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i was flying by myself to a conference in Kentucky and sat beside a sexy soldier the whole way there. we chatted during the flight and by the time we landed i was so horny. i could smell the mixture of his cologne and his manly musk, he must have been turned on too because several times during the flight when i glanced down at his lap i saw the shape of an enormous erection in his pants! he was a tall and muscular, at least 6'4, and when he was napping and i could really stare at his crouch, i could see that he extended down his thigh inside his pants at least 8 or 9 inches! just thinking about it made me so wet. i thought i could smell my own musky scent because i had soaked through my panties and the unmistakable smell had drifted from under my skirt and filled the air around our seats! when we exited the plane i was wobbly from being horny for so long, and when he asked me if i would like to meet him for drinks at his hotel, i stammered before saying no because i had an early start the next morning. but as i rode the taxi to my hotel i could not get the thought of what it would have been like to have met him that night for drinks and then more. as soon as i was in my room i connected on the webcam with my man and told him what had happened. i needed relief so bad that i had to masturbate right away and show him just how close i was to coming. if the soldier boy sees this mp4, hope you will know that you caused this, and that i still fantasize about what might have been if i had accepted your offer...

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