Nudism Photos

fucked hard on the beach

Getting ready to tan!
And a big shout out to my newest fans: Locals - So Cal Rob and shakennotstirred28 from LA and Jimmmy from Oakland; from across the USA - Glenn from Tucson (see, I found you), Woody from Delaware, from Florida fargointhewinter and gnuts, Ron and justfordeb from Illinois, BUBBA from Saint Paul Indiana, Nick from Baltimore, Zbu and asina from Michigan (can't wait to get the pix M & G !), Hobbit from Missouri, from New York Islip Will, Breast Connoisseur and bobo13 and finally Pennsylvania Tall Ship; Internationally - silvanti from Portugal, BigRiverDave from South Africa and Northernlad from the UK (harry, are you from the UK, too?). And my lost soul fans from parts unknown - webber, Steve L.B., JonQ, Andreo, Ashley oceanuser, sumbadcat and joe (from NJ?).

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Checkin out the bling Hello Everyone: I hope this makes it in time before the contest ends. My last contribution had such great positive feedback that I wanted to shoot on more series. Thanks for all you wonderful comments and I hope you enjoy this. I know I am having a lot of fun and so is Michael!! XOXO,


None - none Here are some pics of my 8-month pregnant wife. we were taking some photos for our scrapbook and I convinced her to show more. She is the same one from the "vent pregnant pics" in the Voyeur section. I have also included a pic of her from before she was pregnant. Your sites rock!!