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The hubby was out of town last night and after a hard day’s work, I needed some relief. Luckily the hot young guy from next door delivered some fresh produce right out of his garden. I got even hotter noticing how he stared at my breasts and nipples through my wet clingy tank top. I knew he wanted me but he was off limits per hubby’s instructions. I noticed the produce he brought contained a rather large cucumber. I decided that would have to do. I rewarded the young stud by asking to take some pic’s of me getting off with the long hard vegetable. It was satisfying for me and by the bulge in his pants; he must have felt the same way. Somehow I think I’ll be seeing more of him since he’s now seen all of me.

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Sweet girl... Realsexplay - My Place - Hey guys, This is my little place where I come to get away, and yes I have been cummed on here and have cummed myself here. I hope you enjoy these more gentle set of pictures, These are the clean ones out of the set so I can share with everyone. Luv ya, Carrie


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