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Daddy Ken Fucks A Straight Beach Twink

Ohhh how I luv this.
Why is it lately that life just sucks the energy out of me? I was enjoying my day with David, being a cheap date as usual (lunch special, two beers, and hitting up a few thrift stores), and I just felt like I couldn't go on without catching a few zzz moments. I did want to try on a few things I bought though. I only made it through this outfit, then I was out like a light. And here I had this entire day planned of elaborate ideas (thanks to everyone who sent an email through our site or commented). Thankfully, that evening we got back on top of things. These pics capture my sleepy, buzzed moments before I got some needed rest.

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In and out 34c puppies Final set. If my wife doesn't get your pulse up, then you're clinically DEAD. Oh, and to the dudes with the bad comments... we understand that it gets you off, and she actually likes to be called dirty names during sex, but it pisses me off when YOU do it. So fuck you!


My ass wide open !!! After"Bath time"and a "Fun night out"we came back home and had some real fun. We hope that all you RC fans out there enjoy them as much as we enjoyed taking them. Look for more in the private section as well.