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Double Blowjob on the beach

*Nh Rose The Girl In The Mirror It may seem really odd to someone who has never sent naked pictures of themselves into naturist, but I find it extremely difficult to recognize the girl in those photos as being 'me'. I'm not that confident and I don't like people looking at me - in fact I am really rather shy! But as we were choosing the pictures for this contri I heard a song on the radio that had some lyrics that seemed incredibly appropriate to this train of thought O.. "There's a girl who stands in the mirror She looks for the story in her eyes She follows the curves of her body Wearing nothing but a naked disguise" The concept of nakedness as a disguise is actually quite bizarre, but when I think about it, it really is true. It is as if my nakedness is a disguise from the person I am as a wife or a mother, a neighbor or a colleague at work, or even me. (Which hopefully means that no-one recognizes Rose in any of these other guises - this is something that they 'know' I just wouldn't do!.) For more than six years now I have been thinking about this dichotomy and trying to make sense of this concept I have of Me vs Rose. In the back of my mind I could vaguely remember another song about a girl in the mirror, and through the wonders of Google I found these words O.

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she like possing After a nice day at the playa, we decided we needed some lovings before we went out for the night. Marie wanted to get a quick shave before she would let me go down on her and luckily I had the camera close by. This is our first contribution but we will have many more.


Changing Dress Thankyou for the lovely comments and the voting rating of 4.10 for my last contri titled 'Action Shots'. Keep the nice comments coming and hopefully you enjoy these shots enough to vote and even improve the voting rating. Enjoy. More to cum.