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Russian nudist girl vacation 2

Keeping clean
So a guy walks into a bar... Actually I really did just walk into a bar, on Bourbon St. in New Orleans, two nights before Fat Tuesday. Lucky me, just as I walk in the Dj starts talking about some naked dance thing. All I had come in for was to piss, but hey what's a little detour. As I approach the dance stage the women are already stripping down. (As far as I know these were not plants, the Dj sounded just as surprised as the crowd). And, as the pictures show, one thing led to another. Unfortunatly I only had a disposable camera and was trying to take pictures over the crowd. I still think they turned out pretty well. Look for another contri for the flashing pics out on the street.

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Getting going..... While island hopping in the Caribbean, on one of the smaller islands I happen to meet this lovely islander, after some small talk,some drinks,good lunch was invited to share some island hospitality. A true godess.


Hope you liked. Here's some of the best shots of my girlfriend Melissa (particularly of her luscious ass) for everyone to enjoy. Not only is she okay with me posting these, she gets EXTREMELY turned on by reading the comments and fantasizing about what guys are doing as they look at the photos, so fire away. . .