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Let’s start with great blowjob on the playa. You will see 10 vidcaps that took us more than 2 hours to make. We were pissed off as the couple tried to hide every time there was anybody around. Sorry for the colors, it started getting dark and that is why you see so many pink colors. Ok, the story had a heroine of 30 years old who was shy for a long time to start sucking and just touched her friend’s penis. Finally she touched it with her lips. In about four minutes he ejaculated with high pressure sperm stream. That was fantastic and Max, while recording, shook a bit, as he experienced presence effect. One more thing to say. At about 15 meters there was another couple engaged in sex-on-the sand and I recorded them. See it next week:)

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Fuck hairy pussy. PLEASE accept these pics from new orleans. I offer beads to women who DO show their breasts. Several do NOT. But most SHOW them for MY camera. Some even ask me to E-MAIL them a copy, and give me their ADDRESS.


naked in river I sent in a few images of me "At Rest" taken while my 'puter was down and out. Now my computer and I are back UP. Title these AT PLAY. As always a great site even though you don't always use my efforts. Keep up the great work.