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2 couples on the Beach filmed by a voyeur

I was at the naked playa with a movie cam and I saw these girls laying out in front of a bunch of guys right there in everyones face! Im a plage voyeur and love to see women laying out with their legs wide open for all to see. But this was really special because she was into everyone seeing her legs open pussy showing and she bent over slow a bunch of times so her ass was up in the air in for everyone to see. It was very hard getting this clip and not getting caught. My hands were shaking and I hid the camera under my towel. I have a clip that I will post with this too. Im not sure if i sent these shots in before, but the mp4 has never been seen by anyone but me until now. I have more If the votes are good. Damn! Love to see those ladies show off their pussy, boobs, and ass in front of strangers. I went home after shooting this vid and jacked off big time! Thanks ladies for a great day at the sand. Part 2 will follow if I get a good response.

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As requested and ordered! This is my girlfriend, Michelle. We have posted before, but they ended up in Redclouds and with all of the great comments, thought we could send out a "G" rated version:) She is fully BI and loves to work the comments from the ladies.


More pic from the park In The Bedroom - Hi I hope your all doing good this weak thank you for all the nice comments that you gave me I realy enjoy them I hope you'll check out my message board on my site and leave a message there so I can return it