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Let the sun shine.
Vittoriaodalisque And Her Fairy Bottom (1) - Vittoria: Dear all, Here are somes new pictures, part of a set of pictures we have taken a few days ago. We wanted to stay in the same spirit, hence why I'm still wearing the Venician Mask. As there are multiple sets of pics, each will be shown to you separatly time and each displaying a different outfit. I hope they will please you... And this time you will see my "little" but cheecks. In this contribution, I'm wearing my fisrt White "Aubabe" lingerie with white stockings. Photographer: Since this is our second contribution, I tried to focus on the mistakes we made last time. You will notice that I reduced the blurred effect. Also, since the flashes session wasn't improvised this time, I could wait for the right time and best light. This time we didn't forget about the rear side, and as you can see, many pics focus on her bottom. She has such wonderful butt cheeks that I just need to ask her to pose, and push the trigger... I know the picture will always end up spectacular. Especially when she is wearing this white lingerie outfit which is one of my favorite and which enhances a lot the perfection of her rear side. Thanks again for your support last time. You made of Vittoria an official naturist award winner. She is really proud.

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EX. HOT AISAN GF We have struggled to put a contri together over the last couple of months, but saw the opportunity on a 'bloody freezing' Saturday morning last week!! We tend not to do too many outside shoots as I'm shy and hate the cold UK weather.....


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