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A few assorted ones!
Again, RC'ers continue to amaze and flatter me. With my last post I received nothing but flattering comments and for that I am very thankful (and very turned on)! I am still looking forward to meeting some new friends in Oklahoma and I know that RC'ers want to see me with another woman, and believe me so do I!!! I have replied to several comments, but I get an unusual amount of return mail. If you want me, you must give me a legit e-addy! We shot this latest submission just to say thanks for your wonderful comments, but we do look forward to being able to send in better action shots with other singles and couples. "FunCplnOK" please write us again...our e-mail to you was returned. Also, if you do write us a comment and you want to get together, give us a brief description of yourself, it will help me decide who to write to! Again, thanks for everything RedClouders! I hope you like my's really my cum!!&nb! sp; Kisses,

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news pics of my wife Hi all ... i try not to post multi-part contris ....OUR perverted attention span is not usually up for the challenge .... but when i can't even get CLOSE to finding ONLY ten pics, i don't have much choice.....


I'm 34 years old. After some realy good coments from our first contrie we have decided to send in another 2, and for the bampot that stated Scottish pig in the coments please remember your being racist or buy an anal toothbrush as you might need it soon.